Shine Together Sew Along Week 6

It’s time for week 6 of the Shine Together SAL! If this is your first time hearing about Shine Together, get more information here.

Week 6 – Block Designs

Today, we are sharing tutorials for the R block original to the pattern (bottom), an alternative design by Lindsay Wilkes ( Top Left), and a third design from Amanda Castor (Top Right)!

Read on for the original version tutorial and click the buttons below for the alternative designer blocks!

Block R Tutorial

Gather your supplies and let’s make our next block! If you are following our layout, this is Block R. You will need a copy of the free quilt pattern. Follow the cutting instructions to get all the pieces cut for this block. If you want to see a video that goes along with this tutorial, find our Reel on Instagram or Pinterest Video!

  1. Make your Flying Geese Units: Like all the blocks before, we will start by making our flying geese! Replace the bottom left & right corners of your Farmers Almanac A Rectangles with POParazzi Navy B Squares. Make 4 total Flying Geese.
  2. Make your Center Unit: Next, make your center unit! Arrange (4) POParazzi Washed Denim I squares, (4) Farmers Almanac H rectangles, and (1) POParazzi Blue B square. Sew together in rows.
  3. Complete your Block: Layout your final block as shown, adding in the remaining Farmers Almanac B squares to your corners. Sew together in rows and trim to 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″!

Thank you for joining us for Block R. Don’t forget to check out the tutorials & downloads for today’s designer blocks and pick your favorite design for the center of your block’s sawtooth stars. See you next week on February 23rd for our next block!

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