Simple Patchwork Featuring American Beauty

Wrapping Up in Red, White, and Blue Heirloom Harmony Quilt

It’s Sandy from Thai Charm llc , and I had a pleasure to work with this beautiful red, white and blue collection called “American Beauty“, designed by Dani Mogstad. It reminds me of a perfect blend of classic American style with a modern twist.

Heirloom Harmony Quilt

Heirloom Harmony Quilt was inspired by farmhouse living, crafted with cozy fabrics reminiscent of rolling fields and warm hearths, each patch tells a story of simple joys and heartfelt gatherings.

Materials for (1) 25 patch block

Fabric 1: (13) 3.5″ squares
Fabric 2: (12) 3.5″ squares

To make (1) 25 patch block, sew the block together by alternating between Fabric 1 squares and Fabric 2 squares. Sew the column together first, press seams in alternate direction.
For example, press seams upwards for column 1, 3 & 5, and press seams downwards for column 2 & 4.

By pressing seams in alternate direction, the seams will nest perfectly when sewing the columns together. Once you have the columns sewn together, press seams to one side.
The block measures 15.5″ x 15.5″.

To make Heirloom Harmony Quilt

You need 8 fabrics, divide them into pairs and make a total of (20) blocks, (5) blocks from each pair.

I wrote a blog post about how to make this simple patchwork using strip piecing, which will make it a lot easier and faster to put the quilt top together.

I chose the simple baptist fan for quilting design to give it textures but still let the fabric shine. Does it remind you of a simpler time, relaxing in a slow-paced life, having a backyard barbecue on a Sunday afternoon with family?

Whether it’s draping on a bed or gracing a front porch, this Heirloom Harmony Quilt infuses any space with a blend of rustic elegance and nostalgic charm, bringing out that cozy country vibe.

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Happy Quilting!
Sandy : )

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