Sunkissed Stars with Feed My Soul By Sandy Gervais

As the flowers are starting to bloom and the trees’ limbs swell to put on new growth, I’m quickly reminded that we’re in Spring! The happy florals and cheerful colors of ‘Feed My Soul’ by Sandy Gervais really help set the mood and brings happiness to the season.

Hi, I’m Alexis of Stitched by Alexis! I’m a quilt piecer, longarm quilter and photographer. Several months ago, I had the pleasure of helping photograph ‘Sunkissed Stars’ by April of @MakeInTheShedQuilts, and ever since then, I haven’t been able to get this cheerful quilt pattern out of my head. I knew that ‘Feed My Soul‘ was the perfect collection for the project.

So, without further delay lets jump right in and show you this cutie quilt and give you a few pointers along the way.

Tip 1: Use paper plates to keep your project separated. I’ve used this tip on several projects and it’s a huge help with organization. You can stack the plates on top of each other to transport from your cutting and pressing stations back to your sewing machine with ease not worrying about your blocks getting mixed up.

Tip 2: Pressing matters! Pay close attention to the directions within the pattern if you should be pressing to the side (and which way) or to press open. April does a fantastic job of showing this information in the ‘Sunkissed Stars’ quilt pattern.

Tip 3: Familiarize yourself with half rectangle triangles (HRT) construction and trimming. I’ll be the first to admit this was my first time making HRT’s and I’m glad I did a test block before I proceeded because I absolutely had a mistake. April has made for your convenience a video tutorial on the proper ways to construct and trim a HRT if you’re a first time HRT maker like me.

Tip 4: Don’t forget your victory lap! Victory laps are also known as a stay stitch which are an 1/8 seam allowance stitch around the perimeter of your quilt top once you’re all finished. This measure is to help prevent popped seams along your edges and our longarm machines from getting caught on the edges and causing damage. As a longarm quilter, trust me when I tell you that we do a little happy dance when our clients put a victory lap on their tops.

Thank you for visiting and checking out the ‘Feed My Soul’ collection by Sandy Gervais. Make sure to also grab a copy of the ‘Sunkissed Stars’ quilt pattern so that you too can make this adorable quilt to add a bit of spring happiness to your home.

If you want to see more projects like this please make sure to follow me at @StitchedByAlexis and if you’re interested in longarm quilting and/or photography for your quilting projects of new pattern release you can find me here.

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