Halloween in…April? Yes!

At some point, someone made the decision to do Christmas in July. So why can’t someone make the decision to do Halloween in April? Well, I just did! Thanks to My Mind’s Eye and their newest Sophisticated Halloween fabric collection, the decision was very easy to make.

With 18 prints in a purple, black and orange colorway, Sophisticated Halloween is the perfect collection for this year’s Halloween themed projects. I decided on doing a table runner as I’ve never done one before and I thought this collection would be perfect to give it a go!

I picked seven out of the 18 prints, ensuring I had the cream with black crows included. This fabric was my favorite from the collection. It screams spooky Victorian and I loved that!

I then decided that I wanted my table runner to be made with triangles instead of the usual square block. I feel like triangles give it more interest. I already had Tri-Recs Tri Tool by Darlene Zimmerman so I used that to cut out my fabric triangles. And while I used yardage for this project, this table runner is fat quarter and 10″ square friendly!

This table runner came together very quickly, even with it being my first time making one! And it was a breeze working with such a nice quality of fabric. Some fabrics can feel stiff right off the bolt but that’s not the case at all with fabric from Riley Blake Designs.

This project was filled with firsts. My first time making a table runner and my first time trying hand quilting! While it’s not perfect, I think it came out pretty well! If you’re new to hand quilting, I highly recommend getting a hand quilting kit to protect your fingers. I did half the project without using a thimble but quickly learned, a thimble was NEEDED! I found this perfect hand quilting kit from Amazon that had everything I needed.

I encourage you to try making your very own Sophisticated Halloween table runner. And if you’re not sure where to start, I put together a free video tutorial that you can check out below. Enjoy!

By: Carol Segovia from Segovia Quilts

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