Weekend Market Bags with Copacetic

Are you ready to add a splash of creativity and style to your weekend outings? Using Copacetic, new fabric line from Riley Blake Designs, you can create a weekend market bag that’s not only practical but also a true reflection of your unique style. Here’s how to craft and sew the perfect tote that will turn heads at the farmer’s market, local craft shows, berry picking, or wherever your weekend adventures takes you.

  • Let’s get started, select your pattern or design your own. I used the Annika Market Bag Pattern by Hemma Design for my bag. This bag pattern is fat quarters friendly, reversible and has pockets inside/out which is the best storing your personal items.
  • Choose your fabric, Copacetic was the perfect choice for me, you will need 8 different fabrics pieces if you are using precuts, I used yardage scraps from my Totally Copacetic Weekend Picnic Quilt. Don’t be afraid to make it scrapy and uniquely you.
  • If you are using the Annika Market Bag Pattern, get your pieces cut out and play around with the fabric, mix it up again and again until you find the perfect front/back designs.
  • Now the fun starts, getting this stitched together is a breeze. You will basically be making two bags, an inner and outer bag. This allows the bag to be reversible once sewn together. Be sure to reenforce those pockets, they will be on both the out and inside. TIP-I kept my 1/4 Inch Foot on when making the pockets, it helps to keep an even 1/4 Inch all the way around as you rotate and sew. It takes practice, but so helpful. TIP– Use matching thread for sewing the binding on the bag handles, don’t forget to use your machine’s free-arm for this steps, it makes things so much more manageable.
  • Once you have your bag all sewn together, give it a light press.
  • Now admire your AMAZING WORK because you created something totally Copacetic and as fabulous as you!

Take your new market bag for a spin! Whether you’re picking up fresh flowers, organic veggies, or handmade goods, your stylish and sturdy tote will carry your finds beautifully and comfortably.

Crafting your weekend market bag with Riley Blake’s Copacetic fabric line is not just a creative project; it’s an opportunity to create something functional that expresses your personal style. Enjoy the process of choosing fabrics, sewing and customizing your tote. Happy Crafting!

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