RBD Basics – Sparkler Quilt

Hi everyone! Have you seen the Riley Blake Basics Make it Modern Sparkler collection? They are the perfect fabrics to add a little pizzazz to your quilt. They come in a variety of colors and have a hint of gold metallic that will make any project you make with them sparkle.

A quilt that has long been on my bucket list is the “First Gift” quilt by Lo and Behold Stitchery. I always admired the woven ribbon like design and the simplicity of using only a handful of colors, but sewing a full quilt with complete solids is not my style. That’s where the Sparkler collection came in. These fabrics read like a solid but have tiny prints that add a bit of movement and texture, and I couldn’t resist the speckle of gold metallic. It was the perfect fit for me!

For my “First Gift” quilt, I chose Bleached Denim Sparkle as the background and the Dark Denim Sparkle, Baby Pink Sparkle, Rose Sparkle, and Raspberry Sparkle for the woven ribbons.

Deciding how to quilt my quilt is always a struggle for me. For this quilt I chose to stitch in the ditch to emphasize the weaving ribbons. Then, in the open octagon spaces I added some big stitch hand quilting to give some more cozy texture.

For the backing of this quilt, I used Lori Holt’s Bee Vintage Lula Denim. The ditsy flowers are a nice contrast to the geometric front of the quilt and the blue color coordinates with dark denim on the front.

Making this quilt with the Sparkler collection was a pleasure. It was great seeing the blocks come together and the pattern was easy to follow (just be mindful of your fabric placements lol).

I’d love to hear how you’ve been using the Sparkler collection. Please share your projects with me. I can be reached on Instagram @cottonconfectionery.


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