Bucket List Baby Bird Quilt with Feed My Soul

Have you ever seen a quilt, and just knew you wanted to make it? Maybe not right away, or maybe you don’t think you are up for the skills required or the time it may take? That was the Baby Bird Quilt for me! Joy from The Makings of Joy released this pattern almost 2 years ago now, and it was all over my Instagram feed. I looked upon all the progress and colourful flying geese with envy and awe. It just wasn’t the right time for me. So I added it to my bucket list of quilts I wanted to make.

When I got the Feed My Soul fabrics (designed by Sandy Gervais!) I knew it was time to check a quilt off my list, and this Baby Bird Quilt was a perfect match! I love how this quilt pattern incorporates all of the coordinating fabric of the line, and these bright floral prints have me excited for spring! (we will just ignore the fact that I live in Manitoba and we just had two massive snow storms last week)

I can’t wait to get this all quilted up!

To see more of my quilty makes check out my Instagram page Quilts by Lesley


  • Zaineb

    This quilt is so cheerful and beautiful! I really like how you placed your blocks in an ombre-ish order of darker blocks towards the top and softer blocks towards the bottom.

  • Lacey

    I love this!!! Will these work with any of the standard sized Block Loc flying Geese rulers? Those are my go-to FG rulers. I want to make sure one I have will work.

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