Quilt into Spring with Tulip Cottage

January 2021 is when I officially entered the Quiltstagram universe and started sharing my makes publicly for the first time. And I did it because I joined a quilt along and you needed a public account to qualify for the prizes (spoiler-I did not win any prizes lol). I had been quilting on and off for about 9 years before that but had never really followed a pattern or had any “lessons” per se. I often used Pinterest posts and quilt blogs for how to and easy to make quilts.

Then I saw the Landmark quilt and all that changed. I loved it so much, I had to have it. I had to make it.

This pattern holds a special place in my heart and many firsts! First official quilt pattern I followed, first time in a quilt along, first time making flying geese and trimming, Erin of The Blanket Statement has the best, easy to follow patterns (plus she’s a fellow Canadian!) and it was the first time joining a quilting community and sharing my makes and mistakes! (Can you spot the mistake in the picture below?) All this is to say, this quilt pattern started the journey that has gotten me to here: making beautiful things with Riley Blake and I thought this beautiful line of Tulip Cottage Fabrics would make a perfect Landmark Quilt!

These soft pretty fabrics can’t help but get me excited for Spring!

Check out Quilts by Lesley for more of my quilty makes!

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