Shine Together Sew Along Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of the Shine Together Sew Along! We are having so much fun making these blocks for you. Are you ready for today’s blocks?

Today’s blocks are designed by Sue Daley (left) and Cindy Cloward (right)! Aren’t they so beautiful?

Sue’s block is made with EPP (English Paper Piecing). Cindy’s block is traditionally pieced and is called Gather Around.

Gather Around Block Tutorial

This week we are going to share the tutorial for making Cindy’s block. Be sure to download the pattern above and follow along!

Step 1: Cut out your fabrics

Cindy’s block is designed to be super scrap friendly. You can follow our color placement or dip into your stash to use up scraps!

Step 2: Make Corner Units

Following the pattern, lay the pieces for your corner unit out on a design board. You will sew your G square and C rectangle together first and then add a B rectangle to the top of each unit. Make 4 total.

Step 3: Sew D & G Squares

Sew a D square to each of your remaining G squares to make 4 units as shown.

Step 4: Sew F & C Rectangles

Sew an F rectangle to each of your remaining C rectangles. Make 4 units as shown.

Step 5: Make Side Units

Using the units made in step 3 and step 4, layout your side units as shown above and sew in rows. Then join the rows together to create two side units.

Step 6: Make Center Unit

Take an A square and an H square and place RST. Stitch from the top right corner to the bottom left corner and trim to replace the top right corner of your H square with your A square.

Using the same method, add an E square to the bottom right of your H square. You will end up with the unit shown above! Repeat to make 4 of these units.

Step 7: Sew it all together!

Layout your block as shown and sew together in rows first. Then join your rows to make this center unit.

Step 8: Add your H Squares

Take your remaining 4 H squares and use the same stitch and flip method to replace all the corners of your center unit. You will end up with a block as shown above! Trim to 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″.

Step 9: Add Flying Geese

Add your flying geese to complete your block! If you need a tutorial for making flying geese, please see this tutorial from a previous week.

We hope you enjoy making your Week 4 block and we’ll see you next Friday for more fun on the Shine Together Sew Along!

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