Elmer & Eloise by Deena Rutter

When I was a little girl, my family used to vacation at Yosemite National Park My dad loves the place. He worked there during the summers when he was a teenager and until he started his family. He loves to tell stories about his time working there. One of my favorite stories he tells us about is the Yosemite bear named Elmer. A chant would start in the evenings while people sat around the campfire. People would holler, “Elmer!” it echoed through the park, with the call landing in one camp and then being sent off again with another “Elmer!” until the call had made the rounds into each campground.

Elmer & Eloise reminds me of enjoying the great outdoors, connecting with family, and making memories that connect generations.

– Deena Rutter

Elmer & Eloise is such a sweet collection! Check out a few quilts made with this fabric.

Free Quilt Pattern!

We are thrilled to have a free quilt pattern for this collection. Meet Bear Paws & Pines! Download it today in our RBD Free Pattern Library.

Make Believe

Make Believe by Andy Knowlton looks so sweet in this collection!

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