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Your Quilting Journey: Exclusive Patterns and a Free Challenges

Exciting news for all quilters! Today I’m talking about a FREE event + two patterns…

I’m thrilled to introduce two remarkable quilting opportunities that promise to add creativity and charm to your quilting projects.

They both use Riley Blake fabrics from the Sparkler collection – but in very different ways.

Let’s dive into the details of these captivating designs and find out how you can get your hands on them.

Checks & Balances Fabric Pull

1. Prairie Crossroads Block Challenge

First, I invite you to join the fun with our FREE Prairie Crossroads Block Challenge (May 11th-18th, 2024) perfect for both beginner and experienced quilters. This free challenge features the Prairie Crossroads pattern in two sizes: a cozy 6-inch block and a more substantial 12-inch block.

Both versions guide you meticulously through the process, from fabric cutting to final assembly, ensuring a beautiful result.

Whether you’re looking to refine your quilting, share your experiences, or just enjoy the warmth of a supportive community, your presence will enrich our circle. 

Prairie Crossroads Quilt Block main pic

About this block…

This block features Riley Blake fabrics from the Sparkler collection by Melissa Mortenson. If you look closely you’ll notice that the block is just a fancy sawtooth star block with a twist. Notice how this block has (4) quarter square triangles and (4) flying geese AND each one is a different combination of fabrics!

This block is really fun to make and can be an awesome scrap buster, too.

There’s a bonus pattern!

Anyone who participates in the FREE Block Challenge will also receive a charming mini quilt pattern that complements the Prairie Crossroads blocks that you’ve made.

How to Join the Challenge?

Prairie Crossroads Quilt Block main pic

Participating in a quilt block challenge can greatly enrich your quilting experience. There are so many benefits that go beyond the creation of a quilt block. Whether for the love of quilting or the joy of community, this quilt block challenge is a delightful way to enhance your quilting journey.

This block challenge is sponsored by Riley Blake Fabrics with some incredible prizes!

Click the link in the yellow box below to learn more about the FREE Prairie Crossroads Quilt Block Challenge.

2. Meet the Exclusive Checks & Balances Quilt Pattern

The Checks & Balances Quilt is more than just a pattern; it’s a reflection of life’s equilibrium. With options for a scrappy Checks version or a more modern Balances look, this pattern allows you to play with colors and textures to create a quilt that truly represents your unique style.

Checks & Balances Quilt Pattern
The Checks Version

The Beauty of Checks and Balances

What makes this pattern unique is its adaptability. Choose the Checks option for a playful, scrappy look (see image above), or go for Balances for a clean, modern aesthetic (see image below). Each block is a testament to the quilt’s name, offering a visual representation of checks and balances through fabric and color. These quilts are made using the fabulous Riley Blake Fabrics from the Sparkler Collection to create a visual delight that balances simplicity with modern charm.

Sparkler_LeslieRutland_Checks+Balances quilt in basket
The Balances Version

Fabric and Size Options

This quilt comes in three sizes – Baby, Throw, and Twin – making it versatile for various uses, from a warm blanket for chilly nights to a delightful gift for a loved one. The pattern is precut friendly, and with fabric requirements detailed for each size, you can easily plan your project.

Checks & Balances Quilt Pattern cover

An Exploration of Color Theory

Diving deeper into the world of quilting with the Checks & Balances pattern, you’ll embark on an educational journey exploring color theory applied to quilts. This pattern serves as a lesson in selecting and combining colors to create balance and visual interest, making it not just a project but a learning experience. By the end of this quilting process, you’ll have a stunning quilt and a deeper understanding of how colors work together.

How to get this Exclusive Pattern

The Checks & Balances Quilt pattern is an exclusive pattern that will only be available in the upcoming Seasoned Makers Community. This Community is your gateway to a world of quilting treasures, offering access to unique patterns, tutorials, and a gathering of passionate quilters. As a community member, you’ll not only get this beautiful pattern but also join a vibrant group of quilters that support and inspire each other’s quilting journeys.

Join us for some quilty fun!

These patterns represent just a glimpse of what’s on the horizon at the Seasoned Homemaker.

I can’t wait to share more with our community of passionate quilters who share a love for creativity and craftsmanship.

I look forward to seeing how these patterns inspire and add to your quilting adventures.

Happy quilting!

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