Old School by J. Wecker Frisch

It may be summer break for some, but we’re heading back to class with J. Wecker Frisch’s new collection, Old School!

As the name suggests, Old School invites us all for a nostalgic look at a time of valued traditions in learning and understanding. Staying true to a love of the modern/vintage eclectic style mix, Janet is delighted to be sharing treasured photographs, school books and papers passed down from members of her family.

In His Hands Quilt
Schoolhouse Quilt

Old School includes colorful prints from a variety of subjects such as arithmetic, handwriting, geography, gym and literature! Reminisce about your favorite classes and visit our storyboard below!

Recess Quilt
Classmates Panel Quilt

Old School includes three free patterns designed by J. Wecker Frisch! Check out the downloads below, and don’t miss Old School as it arrives in shops this month!

School Map Panel Quilt

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  • Frisch, Janet

    We absolutely love ♥️ the results of this collection collaboration with our friends and fabric partner at Riley Blake Designs and how it came together!

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