Bring Picnic Florals to your Kitchen

Hi everyone, this is Luci from Sea Garden Sewing! Today, I’ll be sharing an oven mitt I’ve made using the Picnic Florals collection by My Mind’s Eye.

My partner has started baking more frequently, which has been amazing because I’m always happy to help out by taste-testing and licking the mixers clean. With all of the extra baking, our oven mitt was stained and singed by the fingers. Instead of buying a new one, I decided to make my own oven mitt using the free tutorial and template by SewCanShe.

For the exterior of the oven mitt, I picked the gorgeous hero print Red Main. The florals are beautiful, and there’s enough going on in the pattern that small stains won’t be as noticeable. Staying true to the Picnic theme of the collection, I chose the classic Red Gingham print for the lining. The Green Strawberries and Red Flower Garden will be used in the binding and hanging loop respectively.

I started out by spray basting all of the layers together. Instead of just one layer of batting, I had one layer of Insul-Bright sandwiched between two batting cuts. It’s imperative that you use 100% cotton for both the batting as well as the thread. Once sandwiched, I quilted the layers together in a simple grid. If you’re worried about getting the lines straight, I’d recommend using a striped or gingham print for one of the layers.

Once quilted, I traced and cut the oven mitt template pieces. You can either print two of the template and make sure that one side is traced with the template upside-down, or use the one template and flip it ovr before tracing the second piece. Mine ended up looking like this:

After sewing the two pieces together as directed, it came time to put on the binding. I loved the pop of color that the light green print gave!

Here’s a photo of the binding around the cuff and hanging tag. Sewing the binding around the cuff was the most difficult part of the project for me, so I’d recommend lots of pins or clips.

Peep the red hanging tag! I have a hanging hook right next to my oven, so it was really handy to learn how to add one to the mitt.

Here’s the finished product! I’m so glad I branched out and made this oven mitt. I’ve got extra Insul-Bright after this project, so I’m looking forward to making pot holders (or another oven mitt!).

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