A Simple and Sweet Table Runner with Picnic Florals

The Picnic Florals collection by My Mind’s Eye evokes feelings of a perfect summer’s day! Since I can’t go for a picnic everyday in the summer, I made a table runner to add a simple and cheerful touch to my dining table and to remind me to savor the moments of summer.

For this table runner, I used the pink gingham print as the center and binding. The reason I used this print in the center panel of the table runner is because it will give a pop of color underneath my serving dishes and vases and it gives way for the adorable strawberry print to shine. Between the pink gingham and strawberry print, I added a half inch border of the ditsy yellow print to give a bit of contrast.

This was the first table runner I have made and I love how it instantly adds freshness and fun to my dining table. I’m inspired to make many more!

I think a set of matching napkins would be darling. What do you think?

Be on the look out for these beautiful fabrics at your local quilt shop this month.

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