A Sweet Little Gift with Elmer & Eloise

When I had my first baby, my husband worked out of town a lot and I was in need of a hobby that could be done around a baby’s schedule (nap time and after bedtime!). This is when I got my first sewing machine. I started quilting and loved the feel of accomplishing a project. After making a few quilts I got the urge to make something different for my son and a friend who made them regularly, recommended this pattern.

When I saw the Elmer & Eloise fabric line, I knew I had to make another bean bag chair. With some easy stitching and a small applique component, this pattern could easily be made by a beginner maker! The only part that I was less than enthusiastic about was the filling of the inner liner, but with a little help from my now 12 year old, we got it done! My nephew has a birthday coming up and he is going to love these sweet little bears!

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Much love <3

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