Let it Bloom by Little Forest Atelier

Recently we moved to a new house in the countryside and I got a big garden for the first time. There is hardly anything growing in it yet but in my dream scenario it will be full of colorful flowers and trees. It will be a place where I can walk around and enjoy the smell of summer, pick a bouquet of wild flowers and watch the birds and butterflies fly around. These are the things that inspired Let it bloom! I hope that everyone holding these fabrics will feel that same summertime joy that I felt when I created the designs.

– Sandra Nygård-Parthoens of @littleforestatelier

We are so excited about this stunning floral collection. Don’t forget to check out the storyboard to see coordinating quilt designs (including a free pattern coming soon)!

Let it Bloom will arrive in shops this February and is available now for wholesale orders.

We can’t wait to share the beautiful projects we have for this collection. Stay tuned!

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