Here Comes the Sun – Stash & Dash Pouch

I have a confession to make- I’m not an organized maker. Despite having bins, baskets, bookshelves and drawers, my supplies are everywhere. The supplies I’m most ashamed of not keeping properly are my sewing machine accessories. They are in the same zip lock bag that came with my machine in 2019 and just sit on my table near the machine.

But, that’s no longer the case! After seeing Sandy Gervais’s bright, beautiful, and fun Here Comes the Sun fabric collection and the by Annie Stash and Dash pouch, I was inspired to create a pouch to store my sewing machine accessories.

These vibrant fabrics will be cheer to any project and will instantly brighten up a space. While the pattern for the Stash and Dash doesn’t require any piecing for the front of the pouch, I choose to do a herringbone pattern. It was so much fun selecting the fabrics for a scrappy look and I love how it gives the pouch more interest and color.

For the lining of the pouch, I used the Sun Sky print and paired it with the Green Daisies print for the accent and binding. This combination reminds me of clear blue skies on a summers day and freshly cut grass. Every time I open the pouch, I can’t help but smile 🙂

In addition to piecing the front of the pouch, another change I made was replacing the mesh pockets with vinyl. Using vinyl makes the pouch a little stiffer but I don’t mind because the vinyl keeps my sewing notions safe while still having a little “give” for the larger objects, like my walking foot. A great thing about this pouch is that even when it’s full and wrapped up, it doesn’t feel or look bulky.

Making this pouch with these fabrics was a joy and I’m so happy to have a nice home for my sewing machine notions. If you’re looking for quick project that will have endless number of uses, I highly recommend this pattern and if you’re looking for a fabric line that will make you think of sunshine on a cloudy day, Here Comes the Sun is the perfect collection.

Happy sewing!!


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