POParazzi Rainbow Wall Hanging with Flying Geese

Hey hey! It’s Sarah of Sarah Jean Makes and I want to wish you a Happy Pride Month! I got the opportunity to create a special project using these POParazzi Basics. These fabrics were the perfect choice for what I was aiming for – deep saturated color and a hint of texture with the polka dot detail.

This project was a complete “wing it” situation (pun intended) with these Flying Geese blocks. I made one in each color of the rainbow with a black background, measuring at 2″ x 3″, and then added a thin 1.5″ layer sashing between the rows. From there, I added on some borders, and an elongated triangle shape to create the panel. I used the leftover scrap colors to make the hanging tabs and then sandwiched it all together. Instead of a standard quilting and binding tactic that most of us quilters use, I sewed it together right sides together, with a batting layer in between, then flipped it right-sides-out and top stitched it all closed. This project was a fun and fast make! I can’t wait to make more!

If you’re interested in following along with my quilty makes, check me out on Instagram at @SarahJeanMakes! Cheers!

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