Thai Charm - Bear Paws Quilt

Let’s go Glamping – Bear’s Paw Quilt

Thai Charm - Bear Paws Quilt

Hello friends! It’s Sandy from Thai Charm. I’m here to share about this quilt inspired by summer glamping. It captures the joy of outdoor adventures and cozy comfort. Perfect for those who cherish nature and love a bit of indulgence, this quilt is a warm reminder of summer’s simple pleasures and the magic of glamping under the stars.

We bought our very first camper a few years ago and been enjoying it every summer and fall. Our camper lets us explore beautiful landscapes while enjoying modern amenities. Waking up to stunning views and ending the day by a cozy campfire makes every trip unforgettable.

Thai Charm - Bear Paws Quilt

“Remember to use your quilts”

I used to be very protective of all the quilts I made, but I’ve learned over the years that we should definitely use our quilts. That’s the whole reason we make them in the first place, isn’t it? So, I bring at least one quilt with us whenever we travel, lay it on the ground for a family picnic, or wrap myself with it while enjoying s’mores around the campfire.

I chose to make my Bear’s Paw Quilt for this collection. It’s beginner-friendly and fat quarter-friendly, making it ideal for quilters of all skill levels. The finished quilt measures 75 x 90 inches and easily fits a twin bed.

Thai Charm - bears paw quilt

The quilting pantograph, affectionately named “Ladybug” by Creative Stitches, adds a whimsical touch of nature to the quilt, with its intricate patterns reminiscent of ladybugs and blooming flowers.

You can find Bear’s Paw Quilt Pattern on my website along with other patterns that I think you’ll love.

I love to see your projects! Tag me @ThaiCharmllc in your posts when you create with my patterns using hashtags, #ThaiCharmPatterns .

Happy Quilting!
Sandy : )

Thai Charm llc

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  • Zaineb Sharafali

    Awesome quilt! And I really appreciate the reminder to use our quilts!! So often, they are stored away instead of used and appreciated.

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