Ski Hill by Corinne Wells

Glide through the snow and into this new collection, Ski Hill by Corinne Wells!

Inspired by childhood adventures at her local small-town ski resort, Ski Hill captures the joys of flying across freshly groomed snow and then returning to the warmth of the cozy lodge where hot chocolate and roaring fires were waiting.

Sweater Season by Jennifer Long
Skis by Frannie B. Quilting Co.
Peaks by Frannie B. Quilting Co.

Ski Hill highlights the warmth of nostalgic moments, and is perfect for weaving your own cherished memories into the fabric, honoring the magic of family and the pure joy of skiing. Take a trek through the powdery mountainside and see the rest of the collection in our storyboard below!

Ski Hill arrives to shops in June!

Stargazers by Frannie B. Quilting Co.
Ski Hill by Frannie B. Quilting Co.

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