Got Leftover Triangles? Sewing with Scraps!

Hello there! I’m Shereece Nicole of Sew Hooked on Treasures. I recently released a new quilt pattern called Diffused. I had the opportunity to make two versions of the quilt using Riley Blake Designs Basics and Beggars Night by Sandy Gervais.

The blocks use the sew (or stitch) and flip method. Sometimes this sewing method leaves leftover triangles that you may not use in the pattern, as it is in this case. No one wants to waste good, pretty fabric, right? So here are two ways to make half square triangles (HSTs) with them.

Two for One

Match two triangles right sides together. This is an opportunity to mix and match fabrics. Starting at the point of a short side, sew a quarter inch ending a quarter inch from the corner.

Turn the triangles and sew a quarter inch down the other short side. If you’re a chain sewer, you can still do so with these triangles.

Once finished, cut the triangles in half from the point to the long side.

Press your seams as you desire. I am partial to pressing open to help reduce bulk. Then square up or HST. DONE!

Single Serving

Maybe you don’t want as many HSTs or larger ones, so I here’s another option.

Draw your first corner to corner line on the wrong side of your smaller square. Then draw a second line half an inch from the original.

Sew along both lines before cutting. If you cut first, you’d have to sew the HST on the bias, which could result in the fabric stretching.

Cut in between both seams which is a quarter inch from the corner to corner seam.

Press both as you desire and you’ll have completed the seam for the block and a HST. Don’t forget to square it up!

In the Diffuse pattern, you’ll end up with two 2½” HSTs or one 3¾” HST. Of course you can always make them smaller if you’d like.

Now You Try It

Don’t forget to get your Diffused pattern! It’s a beginner-friendly weekend pattern. Once finished you can start trying out one or both of these to HST methods.

But what do you do with all these new half square triangles? Why anything you want! You can make another quilt, a pillow cover to go with the quilt, a tote bag and matching zip bag, or just save them for another future quilt project. So many possibilities!

I hope this has given you some inspiration! I’d love to hear from you once you give it a try. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook or just email me.

Stitch on my friends!

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