Handy Case Set with Lori Holt’s Autumn

Hello friends, this is Luci from Sea Garden Sewing! I’m sharing my Handy Case Set by Flower Sew.

Autumn may be a few months away, but Autumn by Lori Holt is available now! In case you aren’t quite in an autumnal mood, that’s ok! There’s enough color variation in this fabric line for you to create your own palette. You can see this is what I did. From right to left, I chose: Perennial in Latte, Stitch in Denim, Bouquet in Raindrop, Stitch in Autumn, and Bouquet in Coral.

For this project, I chose to make a set of three Handy Cases, one in each size. This pattern recommends using batting or fusible interfacing, and I chose to use the latter. I wanted the cases to hold their own shape better, and I’ve wanted to get more practice with using fusible interfacing. For this project, I used Pellon SF101 Shape-Flex®, which is a great all-purpose interfacing to have.

Once I made my cuts, I fused the interfacing to the main fabrics and stitched them together. I then made the flap and secured it to the main body. If you have pinking shears, I’d highly recommend using them prior to turning the flap inside out. It removes a lot of the bulk and definitely makes a smoother edge, especially around the curves.

Once you’ve got the main body/flap and the lining ready, it’s time to sew the two together. I was nervous about getting the flap or strap caught in the stitching, but it all worked out okay!

I loved how the fabrics play together! Here’s a few pictures taken after I sewed the main body/case to the lining.

The photo on the left has the lining on top, where I sewed close the hole at the bottom of the lining. Most patterns will recommend that you hand sew for maximum invisibility, but I always machine sew. I don’t anticipate people to go digging in the lining to see how clean things look 😉

The photo on the right is the final topstitching for a finished look.

Here’s what I ended up with! Just as a note, I made the top case with the flap and flap strap with the same fabric. The bottom two were made as the pattern intended.

The bonus of making one in each size is that they nest perfectly!

The Handy Case Set was a super fun and rewarding make! I can definitely see myself making another set in the near future.

Thanks for taking a look!

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