Hourglass Quilt with Expression Batik

First, let’s get to know this collection “The Expressions Batiks Tjaps”. Tjap, pronounced “chop,” is a batik fabric stamp created with thin strips of copper that are manipulated by hand into florals, geometrics, or other motifs. These beautiful motifs are then welded onto a metal base. The motifs are typically denser and medium or large in design. Color combinations vary for more depth and movement.

Now, we can get into this hourglass quilt. A simple traditional quilt block that can make a big impact when you play with these colorful Batik fabrics.

Make (2) Half Square Triangles (HSTs) using 2-at-a-time method. Do not trim. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of one of the HST. Stack 2 HSTs in correct layout by placing opposite colors on top of each other (light fabric on dark fabric), right sides together. Make sure that the seams line up. Sew a ¼” seam on both sides from the drawn line. Cut along the line, trim to size and press open.

I made 48 Hourglass blocks for this quilt from 12 colors, dividing into 6 pairs. (8) blocks from each pair.

Check out the blog post with in-depth tutorial including measurements for this Hourglass quilt on my website right HERE.

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Happy Quilting!
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