Baby tag toy with RBD Designer Flannel

Here’s a quick tutorial to make crinkle tag toys with deliciously soft flannel! This new RBD Designer Flannel has lots of fun prints which would help you make perfect little gifts for new babies.

Materials and tools

In order to make this toy, you will need the following materials:

  • Two 7-inch squares of flannel material
  • One 6.75-inch square of crinkle material, which turns the flannel into a nice sensory toy: soft and crinkly!
  • Assorted ribbons that coordinate with your flannel
  • Optional: ribbon attached teether. Ensure you use something that has passed the relevant safety standard tests in your region.

Putting the tag toy together

  1. To get started, you will need to pin the ribbons to one of the flannel squares, pointing towards the middle.
  2. Next, sew the ribbons into place to one of the flannel squares, using a 1/4-inch seam allowance.
  3. The crinkle material has been cut slightly smaller than the flannel. You need to attach it to the other piece of flannel (the one without the ribbons). Use a 1/4-inch allowance. Clips are a really good way of getting the crinkle material in place, as it can be slippy!
  4. You now have two pieces of flannel, one with ribbons, one with crinkle material. Place these two squares, right sides together. Clip all around them to sew with a 1/2-inch allowance, but leave a 2.5-inch space without a seam. You will use this gap to turn the flannel square right side out.
  5. Turn the tag toy right side out. Make sure that you have a point turner to make the corners nice and sharp. Fold the opening and finger press it. Use some small clips to hold it close before step 6.
  6. Finally, top stitch your tag toy twice, first with a 1/4-inch seam allowance, then with a 1/8-inch allowance. This closes the gap you have used to turn the squares right side out, but also provides extra stitching to secure the ribbons. It means each ribbon has been stitched three times, which is particularly important if you are attaching a plastic teether to this tag toy.

Sharing tag toys with families who need them

I’ve made this set of tag toys to donate to Lydia’s gift, a network of kindness in Northern Ireland supporting people in need. This is a great little project to share, so you could also look out for local initiatives in your community that may welcome stitched gifts for children and families.

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