Sunshine and Sweet Tea meets Madeline

Hey there, it’s Lesley and I’m back with another quilt top that was on my quilty bucket list! Meet the Madeline quilt! This pattern by Penelope Handmade is an easy strip pattern that looks beautiful as a scrap quilt or to showcase an entire fabric line, like Amanda Castor’s latest Sunshine and Sweet Tea. I can’t get enough of this pretty fabric with the florals and little bees, my only regret is I don’t have a lot left over!

This quilt pattern is the perfect quilt to mindlessly sew without thinking too much about layout. I used 13 1/4 yard cuts and Riley white confetti cotton as my background facbric. Once you have your strips sewn and cut, put an audiobook or podcast on and chain piece to your heart’s desire! (For this quilt I listened to a book called Nightwatching, and it was a wild ride-not my usual genre but if you like an intense thriller that one is for you!)

I just love the way these colors compliment each other. Now to decide how to quilt it! To see more of my quilty makes, check out my instagram page Quilts by Lesley!

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