Lined Drawstring Bags with Copacetic

Hi friends, it’s Luci from Sea Garden Sewing! I’m excited to share some Lined Drawstring Bags that I’ve made using the Copacetic collection by Bayhill Studio.

This collection is so colorful and the prints are so celebratory! I thought these prints would look great as part of a birthday gift, so I decided to make some Lined Drawstring Bags by Jeni Baker Patterns.

I’ve made Lined Drawstring Bags before as re-usable alternatives to gift wrap, and they’ve always been received really well. I thought it would be really helpful to make some more drawstring bags in anticipation of future birthday gifts.

I decided to make two bags in the ‘Laundry Bag’ size, and three bags in the ‘Everyday Bag’ size. Here’s a picture of my fabric pulls for the Everyday Bags:

Keep in mind, the ‘lining’ fabric won’t be visible from the outside
on the finished drawstring bag.

Other than the fabric, the only other supply you may need to complete the project is twill tape. I chose to purchase twill tape as opposed to making my own fabric ties, and it saved me a lot of time.

For me, the most intricate part was sewing the topstitching for the drawstring portion. I’d advise that you either mark both horizontal lines with a water- or heat-soluble marker, or place down washi tape and sewing along both sides of the tape.

These are the most visible stitches on the bag, so any wonky stitching will be pretty apparent.

I think my favorite of the drawstring bags I made were the ones with the most contrast between the lining fabric and the outer fabric. It provides a fun ‘peekaboo’ when you go and open it!

The Everyday Bags are the perfect size for a camera, small plush, cosmetics, or art supplies. I could see myself giving a small gift in with these bags, or using it to hold snacks for a day trip.

The Laundry Bags are definitely a good size for holding laundry, but I prefer to use this size to wrap a quilt gift in! In fact, you could probably use the leftover fabric in a quilt project to make a matching drawstring bag!

All in all, I definitely see me making more Lined Drawstring Bags in my future. It was so fun making these bags using the vibrant Copacetic collection!

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  • Zaineb

    Your colorful, cheerful drawstring bags are a gift in themselves! I love your idea of using the laundry sized drawstring bags when gifting quilts. Its a great way to use up scraps!

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