Flora No. 6 The Heartist Apron

Hello again! Karlyn here from Charlie Bear Quilts, with a new pattern to add to your reserve of handmade gift options. I firmly believe everyone needs an apron. Sadly, I am at least 100 years late to the apron party… but upon recently losing one of my favourite tops to a grease splatter incident- I asked myself whhhyyyy!!! (Picture arms outstretched to the sky). That’s what started me on the apron train. And of course I had to make it all cute and nostalgic with the token CBQ hearts because aprons are about tradition.

The Heartist Apron was designed to solve FIVE problems for you:

  1. If you are a maker and love buying fabric (join the club)… you probably purchased a panel somewhere along the line. You either fell in love with the words of wisdom, or beautiful artwork (likely both). And let’s face it, this panel has been lingering around your sewing room for yonks. (It’s obvious I used a thesaurus on this one, but I am a total sucker for British slang… so I will be adding this to my permanent vocabulary). The Heartist Apron is the perfect project for giving those inspirational panels a chance to be FEATURED and admired on an item you wear everyday. Like, if you had a choice between an apron that inspired you, and one that didn’t…. which would you choose?
Flora No. 6 Panel

2. Reduce laundry and permanent stains. Come on… who has time for more chores? It takes two seconds to throw on an apron and protect your favourite garments. Your clothes deserve better. Let’s do right by them.

3. No more misplacing those clutch items… like your glasses or cell phone. With marsupial-like pockets, the Heartist Apron has you covered. Once you have it on, you’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it. 

4. INCREASED EFFICIENCY. This is not even a joke. Studies show that putting on an apron triggers your brain to think “uniform” and you are whisked into a whirlwind of productive energy. It’s crazy to think a simple apron can impact your mindset, yet here. we. are.

5. Why not look cute while you: cook, paint, sew, sketch, garden, clean, craft, carve, etc. The list is endless. Aprons aren’t just for cooking! The bib of this apron has been designed (with strategic tucks and pleats) to conform to your curves in a flattering way. You will have complete strangers saying, “Style AND function… how DOES she do it?” You might even start walking around with fresh cut flowers in your pockets. Because you’re cool like that.

There you have it…. it’s time to breathe some new life into the apron-wearing tradition. Is there anything more nostalgic than an apron hanging in a kitchen? Create new memories while you honour your own. Wear an apron that will show up in photos at Christmas and special occasions. An apron that will be tied to the coziest family memories. THIS is the reason we sew.

Let’s Make an Apron

I used the stunning Flora No. 6 collection by Echo Park Paper Co. I love bright and busy patterns like this, especially for aprons. They are excellent at concealing stains and other mishaps that tend to happen when you are in a creative frenzy.

Raise your hand if you only ever follow the diagrams of a pattern…

I am one of those people too. I fall back on the written instructions if necessary, but typically find the visual aspects of a pattern are all I need. The following step-by-step photographs make a great accompaniment to the Heartist Apron pattern.

The Heartist Apron calls for (4) different fabrics + a panel. However, you can incorporate as many fabrics as you like! Of course I went predominantly with PINKS, because it’s my jam…. but now I’m longing to make one with those buttery yellows.

The Heart Units

We will start by constructing the hearts. There are (4) in all, (2) for the Bib and (2) for the pockets. Once your heart tops and bottoms (flying geese) are complete, they are easy to put together.

Constructing the Bib

You will make (2) Bib Units, one will serve as the lining. At first I wasn’t going to include a heart on the inside of the apron, but then I realized that would be absurd. When we are presented with opportunities to add hearts, we must.

Constructing the Pockets

Using the (2) hearts you set aside, you will now complete the massive pockets!


I think this is my favourite part! It’s so satisfying to see it come together. You’ll be twirling around your kitchen in no time…

Strap & Ties

The Heartist pattern gives you the option of an elasticized neck strap or a plain one. I prefer to trim my neck strap to the ideal length so it sits just below my collar bone (roughly 22″). I have a small head and thin hair, so this seems to work for me. Those of you who are blessed with luscious locks may want to go with the stretchy option so you can pull it over your hair (colour me jealous).

Put it All Together

We’re so close to completion now! You’re already dreaming of your next one…

The most important part of the assembly is using a zig zag stitch to sew the bib to the skirt. Without it, you won’t be able to do the Bend and Snap (Legally Blonde reference) without popping stitches. If you know, you know.

I loved designing this apron and hope you enjoy making your own. The Flora No. 6 Collection has so many wonderful options in the Keep Blooming panel print, it was hard to choose just one inspirational quote. You have (4) to choose from: Keep Blooming, Allow yourself to grow, Grateful for the little things and In the field of roses she is the wildflower. Isn’t it lovely to have options! Just think, this panel covers an apron for YOU and three loved ones.

The Heartist Apron is available for purchase here. You can grab it for 15% off for the next 48 hours!

See you soon with another fun project,

Karlyn, Charlie Bear Quilts

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