Spring’s in Town – Appliqué Journal Cover and Pouch

The Spring’s in Town fabric collection is filled with such adorable and joyful prints that I couldn’t resist wanting to carry them with me everywhere I go. To make sure I always have these delightful designs on hand, I was inspired to make a pouch and journal cover.

The pouch was made using the Rainbow Sherbet Pouch pattern by Great Heron Thread Co. It’s an awesome pattern that is great for holding large items like a journal or tablet and the double zipper feature helps me keep my accessories organized. The pattern has lots of space to feature multiple prints or just your favorites (like I did here). For the zipper ties, I followed Sherri McConnel’s YouTube “Easy Zipper Pull” video.

For the journal cover, I was inspired by the applique flowers in Riley Blake’s free pattern “All My Heart”. I selected a flower and sized it down to 60% of the original size and printed it as my template. I used a lightweight interfacing and sewed a simple stitch around the edges to hold the flower in place. I framed the flower with a small border and then surrounded it with another one of my favorite prints in the collection.

I really like that I can use both the pouch and journal cover separately or together. Even though I used fabrics from the same collection for both, I wanted to add a little something to match them as a set. So, I went for a big diamond quilting pattern on the pouch and a smaller one behind the flower on the journal cover.

I hope these fabrics and projects inspire you and get you excited for Spring! Find Spring’s In Town by Sandy Gervais at your local quilt shop today!


  • Pyari Murgi

    Beautiful outcome and lovely choice of fabric.
    The large diamond pattern with a different coloured fabric looks really chic.

  • Kristen A

    So cute! What journal cover pattern did you use? I made one years ago that was great, but can’t remember where I found it. Some that I’m finding are looking a little flimsy. Thanks, Kristen

    • Zaineb Sharafali

      Thanks so much!

      I didn’t follow a particular pattern. Here’s a high-level overview of the steps I did. First, I created the front block and then I added fabric to extend the width (which became the cover for the back of the journal). Next, layered it with batting and did some quilting (like the diamonds). After that I layered the front of the cover (with batting) front side up, then the lining right side down, and then the pockets and sewed around the edged leaving a 3 inch gap on the bottom. I turned it inside out and closed the gap. Hope this helps! If you need help you’re welcome to DM me on instagram at @cottonconfectionery

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