Make a Fun Valentine’s Day Table Runner With Pockets and the I Love Us Collection

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Why Does a Table Runner Need Pockets?

To stuff with chocolates and love notes, of course!

Recently, I shared my Pockets Full of Blessings quilted table runner pattern. It features pocket panels on each side of the runner that hold special printable cards–included with the pattern. The cards spark conversations with your family and build traditions, and they’re sitting on your table ready for you each morning in your quilted table runner’s pockets. And there’s one more thing included–a keepsake pouch pattern for collecting and preserving all your cards year after year.

At first, the pattern included a few styles of gratitude journaling cards which made it ideal for Thanksgiving decor. Then, I added Advent cards and it became a countdown to Christmas. And now, I’ve added two more sets of cards for Valentine’s Day. You get each set when you purchase the pattern collection, plus you’ll always have free access to future card releases, too! Use the code “RILEY” for 10% off!

Now “Pockets” for Valentine’s Day, Too!

I loved the countdown to Christmas so much, I decided a Valentine’s Day countdown would be fun, too! Especially for the kiddos. Who else has a toddler that asks “How many more sleeps until…?” This one is for you! In each set, there’s one card for each day in February through Valentine’s Day!

There are 2 card sets included. Pick your favorite set and place one card in each 9-patch pocket. Stuff the solid pockets in between with treats! One card set is lined and ready for you to write your own love notes — to a significant other or your kids! Print multiple sets for multiple recipients and just stack them in the pockets together. The other card set features 14 ideas for daily random acts of kindness. Valentine’s Day often brings thoughts of romantic love, but I also see it as a great opportunity to teach kids about friendship and kindness, so that’s where the second set of cards comes in!

And speaking of kids and treats, check out my post with 21+ ideas for small gifts that fit in the table runner pockets to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Think Ghirardelli Squares, temporary tattoos, jewelry, trading cards and more! You can use these small gifts with or without the printable cards. Just tuck them in the pockets in between cards or straight in the pockets together.

Cream, Blush, and Coral: The “I Love Us” Fabric Collection

I was so happy to make my Valentine’s edition of Pockets Full of Blessings using the I Love Us fabric collection by Sandy Gervais for Riley Blake Designs! The creams and blushes and corals in this collection are so soft and dreamy! It was hard to choose just a few because every single print in this collection is lovely!

Fabric Requirements

Here are the fabrics I chose and the fabric requirements:

Will it Bleed?

Short answer: Nope! I was a little bit nervous to use pinks and reds with cream fabric. I worried it would all bleed in the wash. So I threw in a couple Shout Color Catcher sheets. Usually if there’s any bleed, the sheets come out a new color. But the sheets came out their original light grayish color, so I don’t think they were necessary after all! My creams stayed perfectly cream! There was absolutely no bleed on them AT ALL! So go forward bravely with this collection! The quality is amazing. I know you’ll be so happy with any project you sew with I Love Us.

Check out my post about my “Love Letters” Quilt featuring the All My Heart fabric collection for more Valentine’s Day Quilting!

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